Sinonasal Disorders and Surgical Treatment

The nasal passage and paranasal sinuses (collectively sinonasal) plays host to a number of diseases and conditions. This can be collectively termed sinonasal disease or disorder. Sinusitis affecting children is termed as Pediatric sinusitis. This session discusses Acute and Chronic sinusitis along with clinical features, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management. Sinusitis causes Sinus Headaches and Sinus Infections, the causes and treatment aspects are the major points for discussion. Pediatric Sinusitis can be treated by Sinus surgery. Nasal Irrigation, Antibiotic Therapy and Topical drug delivery are the treatment measures available for Sinusitis. The imaging characteristics of Sinonasal inflammatory conditions are varied. The role of imaging is to identify patterns of disease, provide a roadmap for the endoscopist, identify anatomical variants that impact on drainage, and exclude aggressive pathology. In this track we discuss issue such as Congenital sinonasal disorders, Sinonasal manifestations of systemic disease, Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, Transnasal endoscopic surgery and sinus drainage


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